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Скачать с ютуб WATCH THIS Before Coming To USA for Online Masters Vs On Campus!

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Big questions impact of doing online semesters vs on campus.
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00:00 - Introduction
01:18 - Introduction of Tharun
02:00 - Tharun's profile
02:30 - Information on work experience
02:44 - How did he get a job ?
03:36- Job preparation
03:55 - Why did he choose to do Master's?
04:50 - Information on Online Master's program
05:33 - Fee structure
06:22 - Why Georgia Tech?
08:46 - Why did he switch from Online to Offline classes.
09:45 - Online class experience and coursework
12:05 - Opinion on online vs offline classes
12:56 - Visa experience
13:38 - His thought process when he landed.
14:49 - Cultural shock
15:42 - Shares an example of Class and assignment
17:09 - How he overcomed with low grades and clear the subject
18:11 - Shares examples of algorithms he learnt.
20:18 - Overall cost

Tarun LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tharunsaranga

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