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Lesha's channel on life in Vancouver: https://www.youtube.com/user/axiserif

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Cameras https://youtu.be/8jJgNdi-u5k
Drones https://youtu.be/8prqSWZ5Y60

Thumbnail to this video is provided by Alexey Gorohov.

Table of Contents

02:11 Toronto, reminiscent of New-York
05:07 Memes review of Canada
07:55 Immigrants
09:40 Things to see in Toronto
12:32 Weed and coffee shops in Canada.
21:02 A Canadian house.
22:19 Can you survive jumping off Niagara Falls?
25:32 Wild Canada. Banff and Jasper.
33:27 Athabasca Glacier.
37:19 The Bear Hunt!
40:23 Amazingly awesome Vancouver.
45:28 Shooting blockbusters in Vancouver.
48:58 The way of life in Canada.
51:22 Killer Whales
53:29 Hydro-plane flight over Vancouver.