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Скачать с ютуб USA: Los Angeles residents react to Trump's plans to ban TikTok

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Los Angeles residents shared their thoughts on US President Donald Trump's plans to ban social media app TikTok via executive order, after weeks of speculation about the company's future in the United States.

\"For me, if they shut down TikTok, I lose my little platform to be my creative self, so without TikTok, that's one less thing I can do to express myself,\" said Kelly, a Los Angeles resident and user of the app.

Donald Trump told reporters Friday that his administration will move forward as early as Saturday with shutting down the app, which is a subsidiary of Beijing-based company ByteDance.

\"I think it's ridiculous because, honestly, I feel like TikTok is based in China, but I feel like they've done every security measure they can to protect my information out here. As far as I know they store that offshore, they have an LA-based CEO, so it's really ridiculous to do that,\" said Marcel, another user who thinks that a ban on the app will be harmful to content creators that use the service to reach large audiences.

He also added that authorities should have given the company more time to implement data security and privacy measures before taking such decisive actions.

Earlier in the week, TikTok was placed under formal investigation by the US Committee on Foreign Investments, amid concerns that user data could be shared with the Chinese government and allegations that the app censors content disagreeable to Beijing. Seattle-based tech giant Microsoft is reportedly in talks to acquire the company from ByteDance.

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